Twigs & Wool

handcrafted knitwear made in Baltimore


The Idea

Knitting is super old: there are hand-knit Egyptian socks that date back to the 11th century, but the detail implies that the craft has been practiced long before that. The beauty of knitted fabric is that it can be made with two whittled twigs and a single strand of yarn. Twigs & Wool are the two basic components that are needed to create a piece of knitwear. At the most basic level, knitted garments are functional art.

Style & Quality

Everyday functionality and wear-ability are top priorities when designing each piece.  Warmth matters, but we also don't want you looking lame, so each piece is completely original and unique to the brand to help you stand out without aggressively screaming for attention. It’s understated individuality. 

100% Handmade

Our yarn is sourced from other small businesses in New England to keep the process as Made in America as possible. Each piece is handcrafted by Corrine in her Baltimore, Maryland studio on a vintage, analog machine. Sometimes the pieces have slight variances between them, but that's the beauty of handmade.  Knitwear will only be mailed if these variances don't cause the piece to be defective in any way, because we care.